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In this ebook you will get access to 100 video message ideas that you and your church team can start implementing right away into your video strategy.

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What's in the book!

  • Welcome Message from Greg Cross, Founder & CEO
  • Chapter 1:
    How To Use This Video Guide
  • Chapter 2:
    Develop a Video Mindset
  • Chapter 3:
    Video Email - The Great Inbox Interrupter
  • Chapter 4:
    How To Collect Really Great Video Testimonials
  • Chapter 5:
    How To Connect Using Branded Videos
  • Chapter 6:
    Creating Compelling Story Videos
  • Chapter 7:
    6 Tips on How to Create Effective Videos
  • Chapter 8:
    Share Your Faith Video Story
  • Chapter 9:
    Video Message Ideas for Pastors and Ministry Leaders
  • Chapter 10:
    Video Message Ideas for Student / Youth Ministry
  • Chapter 11:
    Video Message Ideas for Children's Ministry
  • Chapter 12:
    Video Message Ideas for Small Group Ministry
  • Chapter 13:
    Video Message Ideas for Missions / Outreach
  • Chapter 14:
    Video Message Ideas for Men's Ministry
  • Chapter 15:
    Video Message Ideas for Women's Ministry
  • Chapter 16:
    Video Message Ideas for Singles Ministry
  • Chapter 17:
    Video Message Ideas for College Ministry
  • Chapter 18:
    Video Message Ideas for Sports Ministry
  • Chapter 19:
    Video Resources for Your Church (Free and Paid)
  • Chapter 20:
    Register For a Faith Video Account
eBook Cover - What's Inside
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We Use Faith Video In Our Ministry

I’m excited about this product. It makes it so much easier for us to use video. To engage people in their faith, because that is what we do at Follower of One. I love the way all of this works in Faith Video. I am excited about how we use it in our ministry. I want to encourage you to use it in your ministry too.

Mike Henry, Sr. Founder & CEO / Follower Of One

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